What’s Doing with QR Codes?

Easy, quick, and free . . . who could ask for anything more?

QR codes show up everywhere from coupons to billboards and School Library Media Specialists are using them in dynamic ways to engage students, push information to patrons, and extend learning.  QR codes can be read by any computer with a web cam as well as by smart phones, so they can be implemented in any library setting.

What QR codes can link to and/or do:

  • author websites or book trailers
  • websites on related subject matter or online exhibits
  • read-alikes
  • images and documents
  • dial phone # and/or text content
  • add calendar events

        Elissa Malespina “Using QR Codes in Your Library”

  • virtual collage displays with QR codes to link to content in addition to the usual photos and clip art.

Richard Byrne “QR Codes Go to School: From student displays to
scavenger hunts, QR codes give class activities a 21st-century twist”

  • book reviews written or recorded by other students.
  • resources on a scavenger hunt around the Media Center or throughout the
  • your school library website, blog, or wiki
  • your database subscriptions in your pathfinders and study guides
  • library tutorials

Kathy G “QR Codes in the school library”

  • Ask students and teachers to identify sources to link to and generate QR Codes, like podcasts, Glogs, video book trailers, etc

librarygirl “Holy Bodacious Barcodes: Using QR Codes to Extend
Learning and Promote a Love of Reading ”


  • flash cards, replacing paper study tools
  • homework assignment information
  • important forms, like field trip permission sheets
  • teacher feedback for students, which can be accessed at any time
  • response information from polls
  • posters for upcoming events
  • digital stories that feature pictures, text and anything else related to telling the story
  • sources for class presentations
  • digital portfolios for each student that include best papers, projects, videos or blogs.
  • the school’s Facebook or Twitter feed

           Adam “QR Codes in Education”

What are you doing with QR codes?


About janice.lynn.cooper

Library Media Specialist at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, NJ
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