There’s an app for that!

Mobile learning apps can provide us with moving platforms, springboards, from and on which we can launch new types of library media centers.  We can support students as they use and, possibly, create new apps on their handheld devices.  We can coach teachers in their use and support them as they develop and implement engaging, new instructional strategies.  The LMC will be more dynamic and embedded in the life of the school as we all explore within and beyond its four walls.

Implementing apps for education requires matching learning needs and teaching goals with available technology and compatible applications.  Not every student has a handheld device and neither does every teacher.  However, more students and teachers own them every year and many districts are currently exploring 1:1 mobile computer initiatives.  Some apps are device-specific.  Many apps can be effectively implemented on different handhelds and in different learning situations.  Before, after, and out-of school learning may require that.  In addition, many applications or software developed for desktop computers can be effectively used or adapted for handhelds.

The following chart lists some educational apps for research and production that function on a variety of platforms and devices.

Apps for Research and Information Skills


App / Web address

Collecting and sharing resources Dropbox /
Brainstorming Thinking Space  /
(Now merging with Mindjet, so that’s a question.)
Organizing Evernote /
Polling/Quizzing Socrative  /
Dictation Dragon Dictation (iPad)/

What apps do you, your students, or your teachers use?


About janice.lynn.cooper

Library Media Specialist at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, NJ
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