Our (Self-Created, Day-Of) Schedule

This post is sticky — that means it’s going to stay up here at the top of this page until after the Unconference is over on 3/24. As we update the Google Doc embedded below, the changes will appear right here! And that is the magic of code.

So, that’s the schedule grid! Not much to look at now, but come Saturday morning, it’ll be full of YOUR great ideas. We’re all so excited to learn with & from you!

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3 Responses to Our (Self-Created, Day-Of) Schedule

  1. Lina Belkewitch says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

  2. Jeffrey Mittag says:

    I’m afraid that there will be so much to learn, my brain will overload and completely shut down.

  3. Sophie Brookover says:

    Jeffrey, I really hope that won’t be the case! We’ll have refreshments to help you, and you should always feel free to take a moment to get some fresh air. Keep that brain going!

    Here’s public access to the Google Doc where our schedule lives: http://bit.ly/hhslnj

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