QBooks, Fun Interactive Ebook Apps for Ipads And Ipods

QBooks, Fun Interactive Ebook Apps for Ipads And Ipods

from the Press Release:

QBook is an eBook, iPhone and iPad app that combines a narrator’s voice with original picture illustrations and touchable text that is synchronised to highlight and sound when words are touched. There are great puzzles and games to enjoy as well.

  • Personalize each book with ‘this book belongs to …
  • Swipe-to-Read™ to highlight and playback the story at your own pace
  • Touch-to-Hear™ individual words spoken
  • Touch-to-Spell™ to hear the letters that spell each and every word
  • Auto Play to enjoy the narration
  • Use the iRead™ Function to read and record the story yourself and customize your book
  • Use the Colour Palette to paint each page and save this to customize your book

QBook is a great activity for kids of all ages and helps develop reading and comprehension skills. QBook can also be used as part of a lesson plan or reading strategy and helps children learn spelling and pronunciation.”


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