Session 3: Apps for Learning

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Program Coordinator for LibraryLinkNJ--The New Jersey Library Cooperative. Former HS & YA librarian, YA Lit maven, Twitter bon vivant, baking enthusiast, mama.
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4 Responses to Session 3: Apps for Learning

  1. ayucht says:

    Discussion re using Google Apps vs Evernote vs Dropbox as Cloud for information saving. Question: how do Evernote’s and/or Dropbox’ privacy compare with Google’s policy?

  2. ayucht says:

    Edmodo can act like a school-safe version of Facebook.

  3. Joanne Roukens says:

    Link to the recording of the LibraryLinkNJ hosted webinar of More Digital Learning & Sharing with Barbara DeSantis. Go to Scroll down to see her handouts for the webinar and click on “Archived Recording of Webinar”
    All webinars hosted by by LibraryLinkNJ are recorded. Access to them is via the Continuing Education page, then click on Past Programs –

  4. Moms With Apps — home of weekly app round-ups!

    Also, School Library Journal’s Touch & Go blog —

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