Session 3: E-Readers

Notes in comments, folks! Thank you!


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Program Coordinator for LibraryLinkNJ--The New Jersey Library Cooperative. Former HS & YA librarian, YA Lit maven, Twitter bon vivant, baking enthusiast, mama.
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4 Responses to Session 3: E-Readers

  1. Sophie Brookover says:

    Shari Stein recommends creating a master Amazon account, and purchasing books through THAT account only. She purchases ebooks & Kindles through a corporate account established by her school — this way can purchase using purchase orders. She then purchased gift cards through a purchase order & applies them to the master account. This allows her to buy e-books, which she then gifts to specific Kindle accounts, which she’s set up with their own Gmail accounts, but which have NO purchasing capabilities. She can then loan them out to students without worrying that they will purchase books on their own. If the books are deleted, she can easily re-download them. (Phillip Berg smartly asked Shari to create a screencast so everyone can see how she manages these steps.)

  2. JoAnn Leigh says:

    After our great day I I went to Buffy’s blog and found this fantastic slide show she did about Ebooks and Ereaders. I know some of you follow her faithfully, but for those of us who haven’t – check this out –
    Lots of very helpful info!

  3. Patricia Fielder says:

    Does anyone have a good contact person at B & N? I am currently being shuffled from one department to another!

  4. Amy Penwell says:

    SLJ has a survey on eBook use in all kinds of libraries – it costs a little to purchase, but would probably be worthwhile reading.

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