What Now? Housekeeping, Updates, Twitter Archive

Hello, everyone & thank you for participating in Handhelds in School Libraries NJ. You dove into the loose structure of an Unconference headfirst & surfaced, grinning energized. Let’s continue these crowdsourced conversations here & on the Facebook Group we established — membership is open, so even if you couldn’t make it, or if you’d like to include a colleague who’s just hearing about HHSLNJ now, please to join & share the Group’s URL widely.

A bit of housekeeping:

  • Notes from Sessions: We would like to use this blog to maintain an archive of the discussions this past week, and to continue the conversation. We urge you to  post your notes from the sessions you attended in the Comments field of the relevant session posts, seen below. Please don’t worry about making them perfect, or even pretty — we are going for form over function here!
  • Comments: on the day of HHSLNJ, we turned off comment moderation, so nobody would have to wait to see their notes & suggestions posted online. To prevent spam from taking over our comments now, we’ve turned comment moderation back on. What does this mean for you? If you’ve already published a comment successfully, you should be able to post new comments without waiting for one of us to approve it. If you’re a new commenter, a co-organizer of HHSLNJ will need to approve you the first time you comment. We’ll be checking for new comments daily for at least the next week.
  • Twitter archive: I’ve used Tweet Reports to compile this archive of all Tweets tagged with #hhslnj. If you are on Twitter, you’ll probably find colleagues to follow, and if you’re not, I hope you’ll use the archive to see how you can use this powerful tool to build & grow your PLN (personal learning network). LibraryLinkNJ happens to have held a webinar on this very topic — all resources for it (slides, handouts, archived recording)–are available here.

That’s it for now. Thanks so much for participating & we look forward to continuing the conversation with you all!

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One Response to What Now? Housekeeping, Updates, Twitter Archive

  1. Amy Penwell says:

    Rutgers Libraries has a comprehensive list of Apps for Research and Study on their website – http://bit.ly/HqRaQZ

    The focus is on iPhone and iPad apps, and not necessarily geared toward school libraries, but it’s a VETTED list of great tools to check out.

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