Idea Board

What would you like to learn about/at Handhelds in School Libraries?
If you’re already using these devices in your school library, what would you like to share?
This is an UNconference, so “traditional” presentations are not required (or even desired) !
Share your ideas about possible topics to explore in the comments below.


9 Responses to Idea Board

  1. Ginny Connolly says:

    I would be interested in learning about apps and programs that are being tried in different schools using iPads. Can the iPad replace the testbook? Since October we have been lending eight color Nooks to middle school students. Kids are allowed to borrow one for two weeks and we run a waiting list of about ten students. We have not had any problems with this program.

  2. Elissa Malespina says:

    Using QR codes in school library’s how hand held devises make it possible. I would love to present on that idea.

  3. sbrookover says:

    Ginny, I like your ideas! Can you talk a bit about how you administer the Nook loaning program at your school? Do students/parents have to complete a form or agree to a usage contract?

    Elissa, you’re on! Thank you!

  4. Martha Hickson says:

    Currently, my school does not permit student devices in the classroom. I’d like to come away from the unconference with additional talking points for persuading administration, policy guidelines that might give decision-makers greater comfort with the idea, and examples of projects/student achievement enabled by having student devices in school.

    • Leigh Woznick says:

      Martha, I’m in the same boat, although the apron strings are beginning to loosen. They now allow e-readers, as long as the kids get written permission from parents. And one teacher got a grant for Kindles, which she uses in the classroom. I’d also like ammo and ideas for bringing my school into the 21st century.

  5. I’m particularly interested in discovering how all types of schools are (or are not) utilizing e-readers in their libraries. There are all sorts of implementation challenges associated with both the hardware and the companies holding the content, but there must be a way to make it work without having to break the bank.

  6. Fran KIng says:

    I’d like to find out how different schools are paying for their ebooks and managing the content.
    Also, apps on the ipads. For the most part, Amazon , Apple and B &N want credit cards to register the devices and pay for content.

  7. Nora Hartley says:

    I’m about to get my MLIS in May, and my only experience in a school library has been my field experience so far, so I’m blank coming into this, mostly hoping to learn about who is doing what to what level of success, and what the greatest concerns and trends are so that I have a base awareness and maybe some new ideas for when I enter “the real world”!

  8. BYOD or BYOT initiatives

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