Who’s coming?

Tell us why you’re attending HandHelds in School Libraries!

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18 Responses to Who’s coming?

  1. We just had a meeting last week about getting WiFi in the school an allowing students to bring in iPads, iTouches, laptops, and the like to use in the classroom setting. I’d like to get ideas and inputs from other librarians about how this will work. For instance, we’re so into filters and no gaming and appropriate sites at school, but once the kids have their own devices, we will never be able to monitor what they do. Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or just the way it has to be?

  2. sbrookover says:

    Roxana, this is a great question, and a real issue facing schools — I’m hoping other participants will bring some great ideas to the table. Would you re-post your comment on the Idea Board instead (https://handheldschoollibrary.wordpress.com/idea-board/) so we can discuss it there? Thanks!

  3. My students write their papers on their smart phones and iPads while they are at family gatherings, waiting for their movie to start, or on line to take their driver’s test at NJDMV. I want to be able to push the best information to them where and when they need it. I’m hoping to learn tips, techniques, and tools for how to do so at the Handheld School Library Unconference.


  4. I’m particularly interested in discovering how all types of schools are (or are not) utilizing e-readers in their libraries. There are all sorts of implementation challenges associated with both the hardware and the companies holding the content, but there must be a way to make it work without having to break the bank.

    • I am also interesting in implementation challenges. I also wonder about the the quickly evolving eReader and Tablet technology and what people are foresee as the best time to get on board.

  5. Martha Hickson says:

    Currently, my school does not permit student devices in the classroom. I’d like to come away from the unconference with additional talking points for persuading administration, policy guidelines that might give decision-makers greater comfort with the idea, and examples of projects/student achievement enabled by having student devices in school.

    • Angelaccoxen@gmail.com says:

      Martha, this is one of my reasons for attending. I also, just want to spend time learning from my peers in this type of setting.

  6. Ellen Bratowicz says:

    I want to stay in the loop and involved in the change! Great idea!

  7. I would love to also learn more about student devices because I know that is the way that our district is moving. Other things I would love to talk about our ereader because I currently have some but would love to know how other school are using them. I also have an ipad and barely every use it in the library because my students do not have one. Would love ideas on how to better incorporate it into teaching. I do use QRcodes in the classroom and would love to share ideas on how you can use them in the classroom.

  8. Pam Gunter says:

    My district’s Technology Committee is in the process of forming guidelines and a user agreement for BYOD. At the elementary level, I don’t/won’t have as much exposure to handhelds in school but I am interested in learning how they are being used successfully and effectively. This is also my first “Unconference” so I am attending to see how it works and if we can incorporate aspects of an unconference into the next NJASL conference.

  9. Susan Feibush says:

    I just want to see what other schools are are planning and find out what is working now.

  10. Suzanne Gitomer says:

    I’m anxious to learn what others are doing/thinking about this important issue. Our tech dept. is interested in what others are doing.

  11. Janet Williams says:

    I’d like more information on classroom sets of e-books when a whole class is reading the same book. Also how do you cite e-books without page numbers?

  12. Our school relaxed the cell phone policy last school year. I would like to find other ways for students to use devices in the library besides playing games.

  13. Pat Massey says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing ideas on using and managing eReaders, Smartphones, and other handhelds. I also want to experience our Unconference and see if this format could work for professional development in my district.

    • Pat, I hope you enjoy & get a lot out of the Unconference model! Please let me know if you decide to try it in your district — I’m happy to share insights & resources based on my experiences of co-organizing this one. I’m sure Alice, Dee, Janice & Andy would say the same. — Sophie

  14. Do any of the 84 of us coming on 3/24 have Twitter accounts? If so, will you post them here? I’m @pseudandry
    Thanks! Arlen

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